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AlgoTrader 2.2 Is Released

We are pleased to announce the exciting news that AlgoTrader 2.2 has now been released and is currently available for anybody looking to perfect their trading with the latest in algorithmic trading software! AlgoTrader 2.2 contains a wide range of useful new features to add to its impressive arsenal of functionality. Read on to find out about some of the key changes or contact us for more information.

New broker adapters

In addition to the existing broker adapters, we now support the following brokers for both trading and market data:

  • Currenex, a New York-based FX aggregator that provides connectivity to around 14 prime brokers and 30 white label partners
  • LMAX, a London-based, FCA-regulated multilateral trading facility (MTF) for FX trading
  • FXCM, an online, FX broker based in the U.S.
  • DukasCopy, a Swiss online bank with a focus on FX trading that is connected to over 20 major banks, offering a large pool of ECN spot FX liquidity
  • UBS, a large international investment bank. (trading interface on request)

Eclipse client

We have begun developing a fully-integrated Eclipse client. The first two parts have been finished and are now publically available.

The Strategy Wizard provides users with all the tools needed to set up trading from scratch, with a step-by-step process that allows even inexperienced traders to create and implement successful trading strategies with ease.

The new Config Editor is simple to use and allows for easy management of all AlgoTrader Server and strategy configurations.

Calendar service

As transactions are carried out online in various overseas markets around the globe, it is important to keep track of relevant trading hours, holidays and time zones for each country in which you operate. AlgoTrader’s new Calendar Service does exactly that, meaning you won’t miss out on opportunities, even with open positions in many different countries at once.

With the new Calendar Service you don’t have to worry about one of your exchanges being closed early and positions being left open overnight. Another headache for international trading companies is daylight savings time, which can often cause issues as it starts and ends at different times in different continents.

The updated Calendar Service in AlgoTrader 2.2 eliminates any issues brought on by daylight savings, holidays and differing time zones with up-to-date information on upcoming events and changes in trading hours, as well as carrying out automated functions in response to an unforeseen close of an exchange.

Custom order properties

AlgoTrader 2.2 allows you to add custom information to an outgoing order message by tagging it with additional meta data using order properties.

This means you can create custom order properties that differentiate automatic from manual trades, and associate orders with certain modules in a complex strategy, where many instruments are traded simultaneously.

In-process / In-memory exchange simulator

Storing all transactions in the database during simulation is useful for reporting but also incurs additional processing time. For simple strategies that do not need to perform sophisticated queries, an additional in-process / in-memory exchange simulator is available that uses Java Hash Maps as the underlying storage mechanism. This allows for significantly faster processing of transactions during simulation.

High availability

AlgoTrader 2.2 has been beefed up to allow continuous operation with additional failsafe measures that prevent your trades from being interrupted by system crashes and losses of data connection. These are as follows:

  • The current state of open orders is stored in the database so that, following a system failure, AlgoTrader will automatically restore all orders to their last known state.
  • Lost or interrupted broker and market data connections are automatically restored once available again.
  • AlgoTrader 2.2 also features improved concurrency and deadlock prevention

Automated database migration

Having a single source of truth in the form of a regularly updated database is of paramount importance for any trading system. The problem facing most traders is keeping this database accurate, up-to-date and in-line with the program code.

AlgoTrader 2.2 incorporates the use of FlyWay, which not only provides automatic database migration but can also create a new database instance from scratch when needed, meaning that it is now much easier to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date.

Additional features

AlgoTrader also incorporates a range of other useful features in version 2.2. These include:

  • Full support for market-on-open (MOO), limit-on-open (LOO), market-on-close (MOC) and limit-on-close (LOC) orders.
  • Generic Symbology Resolver – to flexibly identify instruments with different brokers
  • Overhauled Reporting
  • Support for weekly options

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