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Modular Digital Asset Trading Infrastructure

Wyden’s flexible multi-asset trading platform meets the needs of both buy- and sell-side institutions and provides custom solutions for individual business cases.


Give your clients peace of mind by eliminating all the complexity of dealing with digital assets. Optimize your customer’s user experience by providing your own agency or principal brokerage desk to ensure client orders are executed at the best possible price with the lowest risk and cost. Allow Wyden to streamline your digital asset banking operations to focus on what is most relevant for your clients.


Wyden allows your principal or agency desk to efficiently execute client orders of any size across dozens of liquidity venues thanks to sophisticated smart order routing and a suite of advanced execution algorithms. Dynamically adjust your execution logic to optimize spreads during periods of market volatility. Automatically hedge and rebalance your inventory while identifying the best sources of liquidity across venues with minimal slippage – especially for large orders and illiquid assets.

Hedge Funds

A single platform to streamline your buy-side trading operations end-to-end. Whether you run a quant fund, or a discretionary fund with single or multi-asset focus, Wyden is for you. Trade directly through the in-built user interface or connect your upstream OMS, PMS, or trade signal generator via inbound FIX or REST API. Eliminate desktop real estate and operational risk with automated, risk- and latency-optimized pre-trade order funding and post-trade settlement processes through Fireblocks, Metaco, Copper, Taurus, and other leading custody solutions. Achieve your alpha objectives by designing, backtesting, optimizing, and deploying any custom quantitative trading strategy in Java or Python across multiple asset classes in Wyden’s bespoke quantitative development environment.

Crypto Funds

At Wyden, alpha generation starts with execution reliability. Scale your digital asset trading operations and streamline your business by trading crypto spot and derivatives through a single platform with access to over 30 venues. Wyden consolidates the fragmented digital asset market and automates your operations. Our robust infrastructure frees you from needing to optimize order execution, minimize counterparty risk, and manage capital.

Asset Managers

Wyden’s built-in portfolio hierarchy allows you to segregate operations and implement trade limits for individual accounts, funds, or client groups while staying in full control of your overall risk and exposure across your entire operation. Create custom workflows to automatically rebalance your portfolio, and devise bespoke funding and settlement processes.

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Wyden serves institutional and professional clients only.