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AlgoTrader 5.0 Is Released

We are pleased to announce that AlgoTrader 5.0, the next generation of the leading institutional-grade algorithmic trading software is here.

AlgoTrader 5.0 comes packed with many state-of-the-art features to help take your quantitative trading to the next level.

Institutional traders are asking for a solution that fits into their existing front-to-back office workflows and can be seamlessly integrated into their infrastructures, systems and processes. Financial intermediaries, such as banks, asset managers, and brokers are searching for solutions, that are purpose built and flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly evolving tokenized securities and crypto asset industry.

Following is a summary of the key enhancements and additions:

Order Execution

We have enhanced our order and best-execution capabilities to automatically take advantage of the best price available across multiple exchanges and liquidity providers, for both traditional securities and crypto assets to improve returns while reducing operational risks and transaction costs.

AlgoTrader now features out-of-the-box smart order routing (SOR) execution algorithms. Algo orders as well as simple orders can now be placed directly through the AlgoTrader UI as well as through automated trading strategies. The Algo order UI features default values that can be used to quickly fire off an algo order. The new AlgoTrader parent/child display gives an accurate overview, which summarizes the current state of a working algo including all its child orders. All properties of algo orders including their current state are visible in the UI as well.

The system also now offers an extensible framework for adding custom pre-trade checks to ensure customer specific pre-trade risk management and compliance rules.


Even though crypto assets and traditional securities share many common characteristics there are fundamental differences between the two. Most crypto exchanges use the REST and WebSocket protocols instead of FIX, the de-facto standard in the traditional trading space. Unfortunately, the REST and WebSocket protocol are not robust enough to support the level of reliability and performance required for institutional crypto asset trading.

Many of the new features now available in AlgoTrader 5.0 are aimed at mitigating the peculiarities of the REST and WebSocket protocols to ensure fast execution, uninterrupted trading and low latency market data delivery. In addition, clients can now submit orders into AlgoTrader using a standard FIX protocol.

Additional adapter related features:

New adapters

  • coinbase
  • Exante

Strategy Development

We keep improving our strategy development environment to increase the ease-of-use and strategy development experience of our platform. We now support live trading strategies written entirely in Python as an alternative to using Java. AlgoTrader 5.0 now allows clients to automatically rebalance their crypto holdings between multiple exchanges. It is now even possible to subscribe for account and deposit events within strategies. In addition, clients are now able to store custom properties on most of the entities used in the AlgoTrader platform.

AlgoTrader UI

AlgoTrader 5.0 now comes with a brand-new reference data manager and historical data manager based on Vaadin. Both managers are visible as separate perspectives in the UI.

Through the reference data manager (RDM) reference data like instruments, accounts, exchanges and holidays can be edited through a user-friendly interface or automatically downloaded from external reference data providers.

Through the historical data manager (HDM) historical data can be downloaded, viewed and edited. The HDM also supports exporting and importing historical data in different file formats.

AlgoTrader fully supports margin as well as exchange/spot trading. The AlgoTrader UI now contains separate tables for margin positions as well as cash balances.

Perpetual swaps are becoming a popular new instrument type supported by many crypto exchanges. AlgoTrader now fully supports those instruments and fully models the corresponding P&L calculation methodology.


Additional features included in AlgoTrader 5.0:

  • Spring profile validation on startup to simplify system configuration
  • All UI Entities have been migrated to TypeScript
  • All 3rd party libraries have been upgraded to the latest version

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