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AlgoTrader 6.3 Is Released

We are constantly adding new features to extend the AlgoTrader feature set and make it more efficient. The latest release comes with extended functionality and visualizations, increased connectivity and full Fireblocks API integration.

All highlights at a glance

  • New user interface for exchange and custody balances
  • Full Fireblocks API integration
  • Multi-level portfolio support
  • New performance reporting

Adapters to Bitcoin Suisse, EQONEX, Bitpanda, FTX, Huobi Derivatives and CoinMarketCap and much more!

Please find a detailed description of all new features below and stay tuned for the next round of new features with AlgoTrader 6.4.

New User Interface for Exchange Balances

AlgoTrader now includes a new user interface to visualize balances held on external venues such as exchanges and custodians. All assets across connected venues are listed in both table and pie chart formats. Dynamic aggregations are available by wallet type, account and asset. Through connected custody systems, it is now possible to initiate a blockchain transfer between any two connected wallets.

AlgoTrader releases new interface

With the addition of the new asset balances user interface, AlgoTrader now supports both internal balances related to internal portfolios and external balances on exchanges. In combination, the two perspectives allow for completely new use cases such as:

Giving banking clients access to their portfolio balances and positions while executing orders through a multitude of external venues, thus managing the bank’s capital efficiently across connected venues.

Fireblocks Integration

As part of the new balances user interface, Algotrader now provides full integration with the Fireblocks API to show balances of the different wallet/account types supported by Fireblocks:

  • Fireblocks vault accounts
  • FIAT accounts
  • Exchange accounts
  • External wallets

In addition, AlgoTrader users can now initiate transfers between any two connected wallets/accounts through the Fireblocks network, via the AlgoTrader UI or API.

Utilizing the Fireblocks integration facilitates new possibilities such as the ability to transfer assets to a venue “just in time” prior to executing an order, as illustrated by this video here, thereby reducing counterparty risk whilst increasing central liquidity management.

Multi-Level Portfolio Hierarchies

AlgoTrader now comes with support for multi-level portfolios with parent/child portfolio associations. Selecting an individual portfolio will show orders, balances and positions associated with the selected portfolio. With portfolio aggregation, it is even possible to gain an aggregated view of all orders, balances and positions for the selected parent portfolio as well as all the associated child portfolios. Based on AlgoTrader’s internal FX conversion capabilities, portfolio-level metrics such as realized and unrealized P&L as well as net liquidation values are calculated on a single portfolio level, or on an aggregated level for parent portfolios including its child portfolios.

Single portfolio view

Aggregated portfolio view

New Portfolio Reporting

Performance reports have been entirely overhauled to allow users to configure and visualize real-time graphs, with the ability to dynamically aggregate values across a group of portfolios or drill down into a single portfolio. Performance reports are based on the integrated InfluxDB historical database using Flex queries for fast and accurate reporting. Real-time performance reports are now available for the following key metrics:

  • P&L over time
  • Cash Balances
  • Market Value
  • Net Liquidation Value
  • Open Positions
  • Realized P&L
  • Unrealized P&L

New Adapters

AlgoTrader now includes the following new adapters to brokers, exchanges, and data providers:

  • Bitcoin Suisse: As a regulated Swiss financial intermediary, Bitcoin Suisse offers prime brokerage, trading, custody, loans, staking and other crypto-financial services for private and institutional clients. AlgoTrader 6.3 supports trading of crypto spot through Bitcoin Suisse.
  • EQONEX: EQONEX is an institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange built to bring digital assets to the world. EQONEX belongs to the Nasdaq-listed crypto firm EQONEX Group [EQOS]. AlgoTrader 6.3 supports trading of crypto spot and perpetual swaps through EQONEX.
  • Bitpanda: Bitpanda is an Austrian-based crypto exchange providing investments in Bitcoin, gold and over 100 other digital assets via phone or desktop app. AlgoTrader 6.3 supports trading of crypto spot through Bitpanda.
  • FTX: FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange offering innovative products including derivatives, options, volatility products and leveraged tokens. AlgoTrader 6.3 supports trading of crypto spot, futures and perpetual swaps as well as USDT swaps through FTX.
  • Huobi Futures: Huobi Derivatives is the derivatives exchanges under the Huobi Global group supporting crypto futures and perpetual swaps. AlgoTrader 6.3 supports trading of futures, perpetual swaps and options through Huobi Derivatives.
  • CoinMarketCap: CoinMarketCap is the most referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets, owned by Binance Capital Management.

Order Management Improvements

Configurable pre-trade checks
In addition to the existing standard order validation, it is now possible to configure additional rules to be checked before submitting an order to an exchange or broker. Such configurable pre-trade checks include:

  • Maximum trade value
  • Maximum position value
  • Maximum order quantity
  • Asset type white/blacklisting
  • Order type white/blacklisting

TWAP, VWAP and POV order extensions 
These execution algos now support setting limit price, including the ability to change the limit price while the algo is executing.

Order properties UI support
Preconfigured order properties are now available through the AlgoTrader user interface, where they can be populated for individual orders.

Additional Minor New Features

Multi-account support for historical data services 
It is now possible to activate and use multiple historical data services (e.g. Interactive Brokers and CoinAPI).

Replacement of the internal Esper CEP engine with project reactor
AlgoTrader’s internal CEP engine has been replaced with modern architecture based on Project Reactor’s reactive streams which allows for sophisticated aggregation policies, increased control over time-based events and scheduling in back-testing model, and better threading context control, resulting in improved performance overall.

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