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AlgoTrader Provides DEX Access For Institutional Investors Through dYdX Partnership

Digital asset trading technology leader AlgoTrader is the first pOEMS provider to offer institutional connectivity to a decentralized exchange (DEX). The partnership with dYdX, the leading DEX for crypto derivatives, enables AlgoTrader clients to benefit from increased liquidity as well as cost and risk reduction while extending dYdX’s reach among institutional investors.

Zurich (CH) – In a pioneering step, trading technology leader AlgoTrader has partnered with decentralized perpetual contract exchange dYdX to expand liquidity for its buy- and sell-side clients – thus being the first portfolio and order & execution management system provider to offer derivative trading through a decentralized exchange (DEX). The partnership will further strengthen AlgoTrader’s position in the market, making its value proposition and technology stand out from pure OEMS providers and competitors.

Increased liquidity alongside reduced cost and risk

AlgoTrader’s institutional buy- and sell-side clients benefit from the dYdX partnership due to increased liquidity, instant trade execution with on-chain settlement, zero gas costs,  minimized trade fees, and broad access to perpetual contracts – resulting in cost-efficient leveraged trading instruments.

Furthermore, given dYdX is a non-custodial decentralized exchange, institutional clients retain full control of their assets – accessible at any time through AlgoTrader’s convenient platform user interface. This goes hand in hand with improved pricing accuracy due to decentralized on-chain oracles which reduce counterparty risk.

Pioneering institutional DEX adoption

Institutional clients like banks, brokers and crypto funds thus benefit from enriched opportunities of DEXs without complications, whereas decentralized exchanges can take a more central place in the crypto investment sector as an important source of liquidity.

AlgoTrader CEO Andy Flury said: “Financial derivatives have been part of the investment landscape for over a century. Yet for institutions, crypto derivatives are still largely uncharted territory. We are proud to be able to add perpetual swaps to our clients’ options and increase their access to liquidity through dYdX.”

dYdX CEO Antonio Juliano stated: “Through AlgoTrader, we can expand our customer base and show that DEXs deserve a central place in the digital asset investment scene. Working with AlgoTrader is an excellent way for us to accelerate market adoption.”


About AlgoTrader

AlgoTrader is the global leader in institutional trading technology for digital assets that covers the entire trade lifecycle from pre-trade risk checks to order generation, automated settlement and custody reconciliation – offering best-in-class infrastructure for financial institutions. By supporting direct market access, seamless custody and core banking integration as well as full trade lifecycle automation, the AlgoTrader platform streamlines digital assets trading. Developed by a team of trading system veterans and crypto asset experts, AlgoTrader offers integrated infrastructure solutions that meet the highest institutional needs. To learn more, visit

About dYdX

dYdX is the leading decentralized derivatives exchange in crypto. Traders can now trade with industry leading liquidity, zero gas costs, low fees, cross margining, and access to the top markets. For more information, visit

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