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«The Gspröch» Episode #2: Sell-Side Digital Asset Strategies and the Impact of MiCA

Welcome to «The Gspröch» Episode #2: Sell-Side Digital Asset Strategies and the Impact of MiCA With Capco

Date of recording: 21st June, 2024 

Host: Stuart Petersen, Chief Revenue Officer at Wyden 

Guest: Jan-Michael Steiner, Principal Consultant at Capco


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In this insightful episode, Stuart is joined by Jan-Michael Steiner from Capco, who has a wealth of experience supporting financial institutions in setting up a digital asset offering that’s compliant with the EU’s new MiCA regulation. Watch or listen to the full discussion as they cover:  

  • The decisions involved in setting up a digital asset trading operation
  • Measuring the success of a digital asset strategy
  • How MiCA is impacting European CASPs and what banks are doing to prepare
  • Managing MiCA obligations when working with partner CASPs 

“Gspröch,” a Swiss term for “conversation,” embodies our Swiss heritage here at Wyden. As a podcast, it serves as a vibrant space for engaging discussions, reflecting our roots, and inviting guests to delve into the dynamic world of institutional digital asset trading.  


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Bio Guest: Jan-Michael Steiner is a Principal Consultant at Capco, based in the Frankfurt office, and serves as the DLT Lead for Continental Europe. He specializes in advising banks and financial service providers on implementing DLT/blockchain technology and developing innovative business models. With extensive experience in crafting corporate and business unit strategies, Jan-Michael excels in managing transformation projects focused on digitalization, platform integration, and ecosystem business models within the financial industry.


Bio Host: Stuart has a wealth of leadership experience in scaling highly complex fintech business models. Starting out at Thomson Financial, he then embarked on a 15-year career with quantitative solutions provider Algorithmics to build up the firm’s buy-side business. After Algorithmics, he joined industry leaders such as S&P Global, IBM, and Arria NLG, a leading provider of Natural Language Generation solutions. 

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