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Crypto Trading OEMS for Advanced Order, Execution and Position Management

Fully integrated portfolio and OEMS platform for buy-side institutions managing crypto and traditional assets.

Wyden's Crypto Trading OEMS Offers Full Automation

Wyden’s advanced crypto trading OEMS automates the entire trade lifecycle.

Liquidity Management

Track balances across liquidity venues and custody solutions by asset, portfolio, or custodian. Automatically pre-fund exchange accounts based on custom exposure thresholds.

Portfolio and Position Management

Actively track and manage accounts, portfolios and balances, review performance, respond faster to market opportunities, and drive effective investment decisions.

Order Entry

Manually enter, or automatically generate and submit your orders. You can use Wyden’s built-in algorithmic trading solution or connect to any third-party signal generator or upstream order entry system via our inbound FIX or REST API.
Quantitative Trading

Trading Venue Selection

Seamlessly trade through a wide range of trading venues. Execute large block trades via RFQ or split them into smaller child orders and distribute them across multiple venues via smart order routing (SOR) and execution algorithms. Wyden will make sure your orders are always executed at the best possible price, at the lowest risk and cost.

Order Parametrization

Wyden supports various order types to achieve best execution in line with your trading style

  • Multiple order types are supported, including market orders, limit orders and stop orders
  • Time-in-force options like FOK, IOC, GTC or GTD
  • Smart order routing (SOR)
  • Numerous trading algorithms are supported, such as TWAP, VWAP, Sniper, Iceberg and more

Pre-Trade Risk Management

Effectively manage your risk by applying rule-based, pre-trade checks on all orders before submission. For example, you can create restrictions by asset or order type, set custom trade limits, or trigger additional authorization for large orders.

Wyden’s Crypto Trading OEMS Offers Best-in-class Connectivity

Access to more than 35+ of the largest crypto exchanges, brokers, and OTC desks worldwide.

Crypto Trading OEMS Features

Integrated Position, Order and Execution Management

Order Types

Market | Limit | Stop | Stop Limit

TIF Options


Execution Algos

TWAP | VWAP | POV | Sniper | Iceberg | Trailing Limit | Market Sweep | Target Position

Execution Algos & Smart Order Routing

Automatically split your orders into child orders and route them to the exchanges with the best price while applying advanced execution algorithms to minimize slippage and frontrunning.

Venue-independent order types

Use order types like limit and stop even if they are not natively supported by your preferred trading venues.

Exchange connectivity & downtime protection

Access an expanding range of the largest centralised (CEX) and decentralised (DEX) crypto trading venues through a single, managed FIX API and benefit from automated trade reconciliation and order re-routing in the case of sudden exchange downtimes.

Upstream system integration

Use Wyden’s crypto trading OEMS as standalone solution for discretionary trading or route orders from your own signal generation service or upstream order entry system via a RESTful, WebSocket or FIX API.

Request for Quote for OTC trades

Execute large block trades directly with some of the largest OTC trading desks thanks to our in-built Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality.

Balance monitoring

Track your assets across custodians and liquidity venues for multiple clients, broken down by asset type.

More OEMS Features

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